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GMOs? No. The March for the Right to Know.

Did you know?  The Right to Know March, advocating for labeling GMO foods, is headed from the Flatbush Food Co-op in Brooklyn, New York to the White House in Washington, DC.  They left October 1 and have a whole roster of meet ups and rallies happening as they march via Princeton, Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore.


In April, 2010, Andrew Kimbrell (from the Center for Food Safety) and Dr. Vandana Shiva (Vahn-dunnuh Shee-vuh) spoke at Busboys & Poets in DC on “Global Perspectives on Genetically Engineered Foods”.  Dr. Shiva’s preamble was enough to really set me on the edge of my chair. She described what was really happening during the process of genetically engineering food.  Let me try to re-capture what I learned from her here.

Chromosomes, Genes, DNA

2 chromosomes, 1 gene, some DNA, 3 amino acid pairs

Amino acids build DNA, which builds genes, which build chromosomes.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes (23 from your dad, 23 from your mom, 46 total).  Each chromosome is built of stacks of genes, each built by DNA, those famous double helixes. Continue reading