Edible flowers week: daylilies good, Easter lilies bad.

Edible flowers take all forms and all flavors, from tiny to huge, sweet to peppery.  This week I’m sharing some of my favorites.

hemerocallis daylily orange common

Tasty! Notice the leaves, all coming out of the ground.

The common daylily is one of the tastiest flowers I know, a bit like the juiciest lettuce you’ve ever eaten.  I know the hip high bright orange daylilies best, and like the smaller yellow variety to snack on too, but the darker red “blood” daylilies that have been coming out aren’t quite as tasty (IMHO).

Two things to keep in mind: dogs, and leaves.  Don’t eat the shorter daylilies right beside the sidewalk, the neighbors have probably been walking their dogs there.  You want either a tall daylily or a short one well back of the garden bed edge, or leaning over a retaining wall.

Leaves: you want the lilies that have the leaves coming right out the ground, like a little leaf fountain.  Why?

easter lily poisonous to humans and cats

Poisonous! No! Bad!

Easter Lilies are poisonous.

Easter lilies, and most Asian lilies, have leaves that come out along the stem.  This trait is phenomenally obvious, and now that you know to look for it, you will.  As it happens, these are the same lilies that are poisonous to cats.

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One response to “Edible flowers week: daylilies good, Easter lilies bad.

  1. My grandsons love the day lilies sautéed. It is hard to have some blooms left. They will pick them all.

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