Hot weather water woes: a cautionary tale from the heat wave

drought stricken beansI’ve written about gardening in a drought before, but recently met a garden suffering from a different kind of hot weather woe.  “Karen” saw the dry weather and the heat wave in the forecast and set up her sprinkler in the vegetable patch with the hose on a timer.  Clever?  Almost.

It took both of us staring at the garden and trying to puzzle out what was going on before we figured it out.  I was running through various bugs and fungi that leave a random pattern of dead and dying brown spots in my mind, and it was thinking about the fungi that lead me to wonder when she was watering.  I couldn’t figure out how even a ten p.m. wetting of the leaves was leading to fungi or molds or mildews in this weather, but when she answered 6 pm, we had it.

The automated sprinkler would have been clever if the garden sprinkler ran in the morning, but Karen set it to run in the early evenings.  After the hose has been sitting in the sun all day, the water inside it is scalding hot.  When the sprinkler first came on each evening, the hot hot hose water was the first thing sprinkled until the length of the hose had been emptied.

Oops.  Lesson learned.


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