Putting up food for the winter: a quick trick

home canning putting food by keeping the harvest

(This is not my pantry.)

Just a quick trick today.  I’ve learned the hard way that the food I put up in the summer and fall starts to feel a little precious- I don’t want to open that jar of tomato sauce because then I’ll only have 3 jars left.  I get horde-y. I’ve learned to outwit myself.

In the pantry, there is a shelf section labelled “January” and other labelled “February”… one section for each month of the winter.  December is empty (or was until the co-op put pasta on sale.)

Now, when I can 4 jars of tomato sauce, I divvy them out: one for November, two for December (the holidays), one for January.  I do this, mixing it up a little to build variety, each time I can.  Even the blanched and frozen kale in the freezer is labelled “kale- February”.

In this manner, the food I put up becomes an assignment for the month.  I have to eat that.  I have to find recipes for those.

There’s even a different feel now to putting food up: it’s less haphazard, less of a guessing game. Do I have enough?  Too much?  It’s not an anonymous shelf of peaches and applesauce and dilly beans anymore.  It’s a set of invites to a steady stream of parties. I like that much better.

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2 responses to “Putting up food for the winter: a quick trick

  1. Great idea actually. Now to be organized enough because the cat food (raw quail) is constantly going into the freezer on top of everything. :)

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