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1. What Does My Name BAZIL Meaning?
Meaning Royal or Kingly in Arabic, people with this name are destined to lead and are dynamic, intelligent and versatile. They are optimistic toward life and make friends easily.

2. What Does My Name DANOS Meaning?
Refers to an individual who is determined, stubborn steady and practical. These qualities may bring him to a position of authority and power.

3. What Does My Name KREINER Meaning?
The meaning represents ambition, independence and strength. Overall it stands for a steadfast individual who never gives up and whom you know you can rely upon.

What does my name mean

4. What Does My Name DIMASCIO Meaning?
The Italian meaning points toward a Master Craftsman or a servant. A person with this name is said to be strong in material matters, determined and stubborn. A Master Craftsman indeed!!

5. What Does My Name MCCLANAHAN Meaning?
This variant name has its roots in Gaelic and refers to a mighty hound. This is a very strong name and brings to mind steadfastness and willpower.

6. What Does My Name KENNY Meaning?
It refers to a handsome individual and is based on the Irish language. This person is charming and is a natural at obtaining the devotion of people around him.

7. What Does My Name MARIAN Meaning?
This name signifies a holy source and refers to a sea of tears. It is a name used widely throughout history to signify prominent women. Such a person would definitely lead an important life.

8. What Does My Name SPENCE Meaning?
A name derived from Old French meaning someone who is in charge of the pantry of a monastery. Spence in English means a ladder.

9. What Does My Name JACQUES Meaning?
The name is considered to be the French form of Jacob. In French, the name means a person who grasps the heel or a supplanter.

10. What Does My Name MCCOLE Meaning?
The name is derived from the name Nicholas. In Greek word NIKAN which means to conquer. It is used as a surname than a given name.

What does my name mean

11. What Does My Name CHAS Meaning?
This is pronounced as CHAZ. It is an American name for a boy. Comes from the old English word CEORL which means a strong man.

12. What Does My Name MARLAR Meaning?
It means a person who has psychic powers and has a nature that is receptive and has the ability to bear a burden for the sake of others.

13. What Does My Name HEYMAN Meaning?
It means a person who has a general interest in the well-being of other people and has a natural calling to serve and help others in a way that appears humanitarian.

14. What Does My Name MELNICK Meaning?
This is a Russian name with Slavic origins. An occupational name, the word translates to 'grind' and also refers to a miller. It is a very quaint name of a humble meaning.

15. What Does My Name MICCO Meaning?
The name has a Native American Origin whereby it was used in place for a chief. It also is used to mean a person who has the power to rule.

16. What Does My Name FITZGERALD Meaning?
In Old French and Old Norman the name Fitzgerald means the son of Gerald. "Fitz" in Anglo-Norman French was a prefix used to bring out the meaning, "son of..."

17. What Does My Name BOUZA Meaning?
This is a Galician. It means fenced-plantation of trees or infertile land. It is also a surname where it can be found in 4 different countries.

18. What Does My Name DEXTER Meaning?
A name with two meanings. First, in Latin, it means someone who is skilled or right-handed. In Old English, it means someone who dyes.

19. What Does My Name CIMINO Meaning?
The name is of Italian origin which means a spice dealer. It can also be Cimini which is a family who came from Orvieto.

20. What Does My Name CLOYD Meaning?
The name Cloyd is an anglicized form of the word Clwyd of which is of Welsh origin. It means a river as a river by the name Clwyd exists in the northeast of Wales.

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21. What Does My Name CRIDER Meaning?
A name which has its origins from the old Anglo-Saxon word meaning creek or a small river. It represents a cheerful, friendly and emotional person who is trustworthy.

22. What Does My Name GERRINGER Meaning?
It means a person who has a small build. It also means a person who is philosophical, introspective, and prophetic but can also be opinionated and analytical.

23. What Does My Name KARLY Meaning?
A unique name with Scandinavian origins, Karli means womanly and used in the same breath as strength accorded to a person. This is a female version of the name Karl.

24. What Does My Name MONIKA Meaning?
Monika is a name which is widely used on the European continent and has multiple meanings. It stands for 'advisor' in Latin and 'unique' in Greek. Monika is also the patron saint of women.

25. What Does My Name COTTINGHAM Meaning?
The name originates from a Parish near Hull in Yorkshire making it a habitational name. The meaning of the name is " The homestead of the Cotta's people.

26. What Does My Name ESPOSITO Meaning?
An old Italian dialect uses this name where it has the meaning to 'expose' or reveal in Latin. This is a common name among the Italian families of Europe.

27. What Does My Name FURUTA Meaning?
The name Furuta is considered to descend from the Japanese. The literal translation of the Japanese language translates to mean "old rice paddy."

28. What Does My Name LAFEVER Meaning?
This name is a variant of the French word "Lefevre." It translates to mean someone who participated in manual labor. "Fevre" also means Smith.

29. What Does My Name MOUNTFORD Meaning?
This is a name of French origin from a place known as Montford-sur-Risle found in Normandy. A combination of two words "mont" meaning a hill and "fort" meaning impregnable.

30. What Does My Name ENGELHARD Meaning?
A person with this name has the ability to understand people and merge conflicting viewpoints. He does well interacting with the public and can use his skills of diplomacy to soothe people.

31. What Does My Name BUHR Meaning?
A name originating from Low German-derived from the word "bauer." It was used to mean a farmer. It, therefore, is an occupational name.

32. What Does My Name MARIN Meaning?
The name is derived from the Hebrew word "Miryam." It means the sea of sorrow or the sea of bitterness. An alternative meaning in Engish is "mistress of the sea."

33. What Does My Name CAMPANA Meaning?
A name of Italian and Spanish background meaning a bell maker or sometimes a bell ringer. The first bell was produced in Campania hence the origin of the name.

34. What Does My Name BAMBA Meaning?
This exotic name takes its origin from the far reaches of Africa. In Swahili, the name means 'advice' and is usually accorded great respect by all.

35. What Does My Name MABRY Meaning?
The name Mabry is feminine and has a Latin origin. The literal meaning of the name as translated from Latin is "my fair maid" or "lovely."

36. What Does My Name HIPWELL Meaning?
A habitational name that originates from North Yorkshire at a place known as Hipswell. The literal meaning being a "spring" or "stream."

37. What Does My Name WHISTON Meaning?
It is considered a habitational name that originated from the various places named Whiston. The meaning, from Old English, means a white stone.

38. What Does My Name FAVARO Meaning?
The name is derived from Fava of which means a bean grower or seller. A second meaning is someone who wears clothes that are brightly colored or multi-colored.

39. What Does My Name CHOUDHURY Meaning?
A name used by Hindu and Muslim communities to mean the head of a community. It also is used to mean someone who is undertaking a burden of responsibility.

40. What Does My Name MUMMA Meaning?
The name originates from Germany a place known as Friesland. It is derived from the German word "mumm" which means to mutter.